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Noah Barouri.

Software Beats Director.

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Noah Y. Barouri

Noah Barouri is best known for his exclusive production with his partner-in-crime Zack Helya. The Duo has been taking the ears of many by storm, introducing a unique sound of Electro Funk. With his extraordinary production of Noah's distinctive style of bass, it’s as if these two were destined to collaborate. Noah also makes appearances at local events to DJ and set the mood. As of recent work, Noah produced for his project with Zack Helya, NO SORRY & DEEPER DREAMER. 

They also recently put out their latest singles “BUBLE DREAM ” and then “HUG ME SO” with a ZAYNE TWICE feature. The duo has landed themselves recognition from 98.5 Radio, XXL and NOISEY. Last year was just a start for Noah Barouri and he looks to keep escalating.

Well know in Vancouver, Noah Barouri worked with very studios especially in Vancouver

Blue light, Songster Studios, Monarch, Phuket studio, Monarch, Sound kitchen, Rain city

Je vis pour le beats , Je meurs en music